Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Motivation Improvement

I think that going to the biggest loser group thing was a good thing for me. A little more sense of accountability definitely helps. And something more to shoot for, that's good too. A week of not exercising so much and not being as devoted to the diet didn't result in a lot of gain, but a little, and the plateau can take you back a little. So the past few days have been really a lot better for me.

I pulled out an old pedometer for one thing. I was curious how much walking I do through the day and it's something else to measure and journal on. Yesterday, I totaled 8511 steps. Today I was at 7600 when I took it off to head off to a Bible Study on my bike. I keep hearing about the health benefits of 10000 steps. But If I do a good walk of a mile and a half, that's like 3000, how's the rest look? So yesterday, I came not that far off, and today I feel like that added to a bike ride add up to a good healthy day.

Eating wise, I'm also seeing a big difference. Portion sizes have always been a big drawback for me. I'm finding myself satisfied after smaller and smaller meals. They're probably still larger than the average, but it's a great improvement.

The nutritionist talked about the benefits of keeping a food diary on Monday. Now I can see that being defeating in some ways, and I don't know if i'm adding too many little details, though maybe it's good to look back later on? I don't know, I'll see.

One thing I really enjoyed today was the Bible Study. It's a group at church called Band of Brothers, usually about 10-15 guys that get together, and right now we're looking at the book of Romans. It's interesting to see the reactions of some of the guys as you read the first couple of chapters. There's some pretty harsh wording in there and if you just stop with that first part of the book, it looks like we're all going to hell in a handbasket, although actually the ride is probably much less comfortable than a handbasket would be. Okay, bad joke... annnnnyway... the thing is, the reason it looks so harsh to begin with isn't to say we're all condemned... well, okay, it IS, but it's basically setting the rest of the book up. It's saying look, if you want to focus so much on the legalism and stuff, that's not a good road to go down cuz you'll never make it. Then it gets into God's grace.

I think where that applies to this journey I'm on right now is, it's so easy to get discouraged when you make a mistake, or don't exercise enough. You can focus on the negatives and the shortcomings, instead of the hope ahead. I think I'm back on that hope road now, and thus... the motivation improvement.

Yesterday I started the day out doing a 1.6 mile walk. That's part of the whole 8511 steps. It makes a nice start to the day to get out and walk, though it's not always easy to do when the schedule gets so full. Anyway, this morning I went a bit further, 1.85. Then the bike ride to bible study tonight was 12.5 miles. Sooooo....

Walking Total: 10.1 miles
Bike Total: 52.2 miles.

And now... I must go collapse. That ride home was good, refreshing... exhausting....

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