Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching Up

Something about doing the single dad thing with 6 kids around keeps a person busy. Not that I can say I've stayed busy with just that, there was some loafing time playing online Risk. But anyway, need to catch up some here.

Friday I got a bit ambitious with the walking. I took the couch potato out for a 1 mile walk on Friday. And then after bringing him back, I set out again for a walk on my own that wasn't constantly interrupted by sniff and pee breaks. I didn't think it was that far, but it still came out 2.65 miles, so a total of 3.65 that night. Not bad, though it's hard to say if i was overdoing it. I've read enough about exercise and such about taking time off, so yesterday seemed like a good day to take a break. Although now I'm wishing I'd done the break today instead of yesterday because it gog COLD outside. I worry about cold weather keeping me from walking like before, but maybe it's because I've got my weigh in tomorrow night, I'm motivated now!!! Today was a bit more, a walk to the Dollar Tree and back, still a good 2 and a half miles.

One thing I HAVE to do is put the scale away and just do infrequent weigh ins. I was getting bummed out last night because I thought, why isn't this going any better? I've been really good the past few days about eating good foods, moderating myself on portions, and exercising, and it just seems like I've been so steady. I weighed in last night and I was about the same place I've been a few days. But at least this morning was a bit encouraging as I came in at 371.6. I find myself thinking that's still not enough, that's 1 pound in 2 days, wayyyyy too slow, right? That's where perspective is important. If i stretch that out, a pound every 2 days would put me at ideal weight in just over a year. For where I'm at, that's pretty fantastic. The thing is I know that at this point the weight will come off more easily now than when I'm getting closer to where I should be. But yeah, you end up wanting instant results.

But that's where it's so easy to get discouraged. If I look back to the start of this blog I've lost a total of 3 pounds in 18 days? Now that's still 60 pounds a year, so even that isn't THAT bad. I know that they say the healthiest weight loss is slow like that. I think it's because years ago I was able to lose weight so much more easily, and without the whole exercise part.

I do know that exercise can actually slow the weight loss to begin with, but at a certain point it does start to make a lot of difference. I have to just keep reminding myself that.

I looked back and wondered if my totals were correct on walking because it just didn't seem so much. But that's one good thing about the blogging is I can actually do that. So here's how it totals up:
January 2: 0.0 Walk, 10.1 bike
January 7: 2.15 Walk
January 9: 2.5 Walk
January 10: 1.0 Walk, 12.4 Bike
January 17: 0.0 Walk, 8.7 Bike
January 18: 0.0 Walk, 8.5 Bike
January 20: 1.6 Walk, 12.5 Bike
January 21: 1.85 Walk,
January 22: 1.0 Walk
January 23: 3.65 Walk
January 25: 2.5 Walk

Monthly: 52.2 miles on the bike, 16.25 walking.

10.6 miles this past week so far looks a lot better than the monthly total. There were too many days off. I'm wondering if 50 miles a month is a reasonable goal? I know time is the biggest constraint, as it's kinda crazy getting everyone ready in the morning, and often a lot going on at night. But that's an excuse because I find enough time to waste.

The biking... right now that's tougher to set goals on. Weather has more of an affect right now on biking than walking, and time maybe as well. I'd love to get to where I could somewhat regularly commute to work on my bike once it's getting nice enough out. But, the commute is at least 15 miles one way, and I still have to get myself into condition to do the hills and complete that kind of ride and still be functional. I wonder how 30 miles a day biking would help the whole overall fitness thing eh?

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