Thursday, January 29, 2009

25, Finally

It seems like it took forever, but I finally, finally, broke through the 370's and into the 360's, in fact made some decent headway into the 360's. This morning the scale read 367.6. I wasn't sure that was right because it was so significantly lower than before, so I ended up trying it a few different times in a few different spots, and it looks like that's pretty much about it. So that puts me over the 25 pounds lost part. That's a pretty good feeling.

I'm starting to notice some difference too. Last night was our men's bible study again, and I had time to kill before the study started, so I stopped at Washington Park across from the church and set out for a walk. I found it so much easier to walk at a pretty brisk pace than I've felt before. I don't really know how to explain the difference. I think it surprised me because to this point I wouldn't say that it was difficult to walk or walk at a brisk pace. But sometimes I think that's how it is with things like that, where you think you're okay and doing good but then when you find something better you're amazed because you didn't think it was so bad before.

I think maybe the best analogy I can think of is prior to meeting Janiece. I thought I was coming along okay and such with life that I didn't really think I could complain. But life in this past year has been really, really good, in a way that before her I'm not sure I could have imagined without having known before her how good it could be.

I think as my health and condition continue to improve, I find myself rediscovering how good feeling good can be. This is something where I thought in the past I felt pretty good, but it was like I didn't know (or had forgotten) what feeling good really was.

I think that's why we have so much trouble understanding or explaining heaven. It's not possible to find the terminology or explain it eloquently enough. We could get glimpses or ideas, but it's impossible to describe. This is not a failure or shortcoming of whoever is trying to describe or whoever is trying to understand. It's more that we don't have a point of reference. The very best we can think of or imagine falls so short of what it really is that, without having a comparable point of reference it's something we can't begin to comprehend.

After finally discovering how much better good can feel that what i've known it to feel (if that phrase didn't lose anyone i'm not sure what will)... I'm looking that much more forward to discovering what that really really good really is...

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