Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missing her already

Tomorrow Janiece leaves for a 4 day trip to take her son to college in Wisconsin.

I miss her already.

Okay, I'm questioning my pedometer. I took Jager for a walk tonight, and when it was done it told me we went 2.8 miles. I thought that didn't seem quite right, so I went to and checked it out... I was right. 2 miles on the dot. Okay, there are a lot of extra steps just for puppy potty stops, but.. that's 30%. Kinda bums me out that maybe all those steps I did the last 2 days just probably weren't as many as I thought....

But hey, 2 more miles still is good eh?

And woohooo, I broke the 373 barrier, finally! 372.4 this morning.

Did I mention I miss my wife already? *sigh*

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