Friday, January 9, 2009

Big Daddy Weave

Okay, someone beat me to the whole blogging through weightloss thing. Okay, probably thousands have done so, but I heard on K-Love about Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave doing his 90 in 09, working on losing 90 pounds this year. He's doing it up a bit more impressively with a website,, and he's got a couple heavy hitters in the diet and exercise world (no pun intended) working with him.

So 90 in 09 will probably get more attention than 193 at 5420. But that's okay. Mike, I'm praying for you.

Weight check this morning: 373.0. No measurements - just going to do those once a week. I probably should only do the weight check once a week too, just for those days nothing happens or even (gasp) there's a slight gain. Anyway, woohoo!!! 20 pounds gone already.

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