Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Loser and Monkeythumbs

Last night was the 2nd meeting for the Biggest Loser thing that I wrote about earlier. According to their scale, I'm down 9.6 pounds from a week ago. Cool huh?

Now, to be fair, I'm not sure it's legit. Just my other weighins at home, it hasn't added up to 9 pounds. Maybe closer to 5 or 6. I'm suspecting the initial weigh in was a bit high.

But either way, I got a water bottle as the prize! woohooo!!! Okay, with all the kids in our house and as many of them that lug around waterbottles to school, that's never a bad thing.

So the other cool thing yesterday was at work, the sales manager asked me what size I wear. I'm thinking, this is a bit personal, dude. He's got this windbreaker from Qwest that he picked up at a tradeshow that's a 2X and he said the sleeves were way too long for him, so did I think it would fit me? And then he says, if i keep losing weight like i'm doing it will soon if it doesn't now. Now that in itself was a day maker, just because I wasn't sure if it was very noticable.

So yeah, two things yesterday that were major encouragements. And to think a couple nights ago after walking better than 6 miles in about a 24 hour period I'm starting to wonder if I'm just stalled and doing something wrong because nothing seemed to be changing much. This morning the scale was 370.2. Jusssssssst about past that 370 barrier.

And yes, the jacket fit. Sort of. I can zip it up easily and it's comfortable, so that's definitely a fit thing, right? But I guess I find myself downplaying that a little because the material's kinda stretchy and it did need some stretching to zip, but not uncomfortably so. And the pockets have these kinda gaps to them that wouldn't be there if it were hanging normally. So it's not ready to be worn a lot in public, at least not zipped, because I'm afraid of it having the same kind of look as, oh, say a pair of regular bike shorts? Some forms are not really designed for form fitting, you know? But it's a pretty cool jacket, and I did wear it today for one simple reason... It's honkin cold out there!!!!! It makes a nice added layer to go under my coat.

And the coolest thing about it? It has monkey thumbs!!! I've never heard of such a thing, Janiece pointed it out to me. Holes in the sleeves you can put your thumbs through so it goes up around your palms, and I guess they call them monkey thumbs.

You learn something new every day.

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