Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fit for Wii Fit?

At least this time I can say that my non posting is not a matter of non posting.  If that makes sense.  Since I started training for the Bear Chase half marathon, I've been keeping a separate blog on my training, so as you can see for awhile I'd copy my posts from there but decided that's just silly, so, instead here I am just blogging there and not here.

Which makes me feel really unfaithful to this blog by spending all my time with the other... blog. 

But I figured this was worthy of its own post over here, in light of a couple of posts I did earlier.  In one I was lamenting the 340's plateau, another rejoicing about "breaking through" to the 330's, and another about tricking the Wii.  If you'd read through those, you could tell some frustration with the amount of time it was taking me to get through the 340's.  And really, that plateau continued for the most part until mid June.  I just seemed to hover constantly at around 340. 

I think the half marathon training is what's getting me rolling in the right direction again.  I'm sure some of it is the additional running, though to be honest I've been running and riding my bike quite a bit for the last few months.  But the other side is, the training does have me more conscious about how I eat, when I eat, etc.  There really is something about when you start shifting your thinking about food, looking at food as fuel rather than just something to eat.  It is interesting thinking through when  you need to eat certain types of foods so that you feel the most energy for when you are out running, especially keeping energy up for the longer runs. 

So, for the past month, I've seen some steady progress.  It's still slow compared to my weight loss after the lap band, but.... it's steady.  It's not feeling stalled.  And this morning?  329!  I'm oficially busted through the 330 barrier.

Yes, I'm just a little excited.

I think especially when you think about the whole "tricking the Wii" thing.  It's that stupid video game that has set this major barrier or mile stone.  330 pounds is the limit for the program, so unless I'm sticking foam under the board to trick it into thinking I'm not as heavy as I am, I cannot use the Wii Fit program. 

Now I haven't tried it yet because I had to run off to work, but....  now I should be able to do Wii fit!  Generally I'm enjoying the outdoor stuff enough now with the running and with riding my bike to work, so...  maybe I won't be using it all that much.  But...  I....  CAN!!!!!!!!