Friday, February 25, 2011

Yay! Mobile posting

Just yesterday my phone had a fairly major update which is a good thing, however it defaulted everything which means ask my applications were wiped out.  Not really a big deal since I can reload everything pretty easily, just takes time.  Nice thing about it is surfing through android amarket I found some nice new applications and in the process found the blogger app so now I can post more easily from my phone.  That means there will likely be shorter posts but more frequent ones, probably both good things.

I found another cool free app as well called the instant heart rate monitor.  It uses the camera of all things.  It's a lot like how an oximeter works.  It says your finger slightly changes color with each heartbeat so you put your finger over the camera lens and out notices the changes this measuring your heart rate.  Pretty clever eh?  And it beats the heck out of paying 50 to a hundred bucks on another piece of equipment

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