Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Speeding along

It's been a week. And here I am 7 pounds less already.

Not sure that's as good a thing though. I mean hey, I'll take every pound, that part I'm okay with. But this time it's a bit different, with my stomach still feeling a bit.... funny? Over all it's felt a lot better, I do think there was probably a bug going on at the same time that didn't help how I was feeling. I've been on some Prilosec but the reflux hasn't totally gone away. Now it's like an every other night kind of thing. Now maybe it's just that it keeps me up one night, so the next night I'm so tired that not even the reflux wakes me up. But the thing about it is there are days where it's just hard putting down any food because I'm not sure how it's going to end up feeling. So my weight loss is now really more about not eating much, and I have to really watch myself to make sure I'm getting enough protein and such. In about 2 weeks I'm scheduled for an upper GI where they will take a look and see if anything has changed, either that my lap band has slipped or if the old hiatal hernia is trying to reassert itself. I'll be glad to be back to feeling a bit more normal.

Having said that.... know how good it feels to be in the 280's? Wow, that's one I'm not sure I ever thoguht I'd get to. It's funny, 290's didn't seem so out of reach, so why would one more digit down make a difference? I think it's because I made the 290's before, and then stalled. But 280's, that's a totally different story. I know I've said this before, but... I haven't been here in ages. Okay, I won't beat that dead horse, but... wow. So even though the stomach is feeling different, it's definitely a different feeling.

It seems like it's been just the past couple weeks that all of a sudden everything looks different. Maybe it's a psychological thing because after all now I've crossed these milestones and I'm where I've not been in a long, long time, but... suddenly I notice the look more. Yeah, you can still see the overweight aspect of things, but... there's no longer the big gut. I don't look skinny, but... it doesn't feel like I look fat any more either, if that makes sense. And my wife can wrap her arms all the way around me... that's pretty cool stuff there.

I keep wondering whether to start trying running now, as I'm getting where I felt I needed to be before starting. That's probably one for more discussion later... but the thought is definitely playing with me.... guess we shall see eh?

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