Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Runaway Tummy

Okay, so let's play a game of name Ron's tummy. So far the nominees are:

Logan. Okay, this one really dates me, the old movie and eventually TV series, Logan's Run.

Richard Kimble. Okay, my choice to pick David Jannsen instead of Harrison Ford also dates me, doesn't it? But, here's one for more contemporary readers:

Micheal Schofield. From the tv series Prison Break.

Cast your votes and you get to be an amazing part of this blog!

So now I'll give you the scoop. As I mentioned I'm losing weight much too quickly and feeling a bit icky lately. You can now take off "a bit." I'm just plain icky. And weight loss? I'm at 272 this morning. That's like 21 pounds in 12 days.... wayyyyy too fast.

After a weekend of generally not keeping any food down at all and throwing up wayyyyy too much Janiece took me into the emergency room this morning. We were concerned about dehydration. They ended up doing an upper GI as part of it all (finally!) and we discovered a nice little slippage. Okay, a big slippage. It appears my stomach has migrated most of the way up through the lap band. Nothing's getting through the band now which is not a good thing. But you know, there's at least some relief knowing what it is. So we're looking at going back in for a followup surgery to fix the thing ASAP.

Now this isn't the first time the little bugger has tried something like this. A substantial portion of my stomach had tried escaping out the diaphragm in the past (thus the hiatal hernia I think I've mentioned before)... I guess the poor guy figures he's been through hell and he just wants out or something.

So.... not necessarily looking forward to another surgery but... really looking forward to getting everything feeling better.

Janiece asked, knowing what I know now, would I have done this all over again? Absolutely. (unless there's more to know about later that I really, really don't like, but I don't expect that to be the case....)

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