Friday, February 11, 2011

Home and feeling better

Do you have any idea how wonderful it is to be able to drink a full glass of water?

I'm back from surgery feeling a thousand times better. Okay, still a bit tired, some obviously from the surgery and some I'm guessing from not sleeping much in the days leading up to surgery.

All went well. Ive felt good from the moment I woke up from the surgery, with 5 more little incisions in my stomach. In fact I've not been on any pain medication since coming out, and haven't really felt the need for it. Yeah, the incisions are a bit sore but not too terrible. The staff at St. Joseph hospital is pretty amazing, care was top notch. They did want to keep me over for observation due to all the nausea and vomiting I've had, but there were no problems or issues and I'm so thankful to be feeling so well.

In the end, the doctor ended up removing the band. I guess there was a fair bit of scarring on the stomach from it's little journey through the band, and that coupled with it's previous escape attempt in the form of a hiatal hernia did not really leave a good spot for the doctor to try to re-attach the band. He told me this morning that for me the lap band has run its course. If it seems necessary in the future they can always look at the other styles, either the bypass or a gastric sleeve. My hope however is to keep up with the momentum I've got going and pray I can make it a lifetime change.

I will say that there's some disappointment. Actually the disappointment's not as strong right now as it's tempered by just feeling so much better. I think I found myself feeling pretty ecstatic about feeling better and that's still there. There's tremendous anticipation to being able to get back on track with exercise and all. So all that is tempering the disappointment, but I'll have to admit that deep down there's a little apprehension, as the purpose of the band isn't all about the weight loss, but for the long term maintenance as well. All I know is, I don't ever want to go back. Ever. That will end up ahving to be my motivation for keeping the momentum going eh?

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