Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just can't blog enough

Lately I've been a little better keeping up with this blog.  A little.  Like any blog I've done however it's pretty much feast or famine for me.  I'll do great awhile then go weeks or more neglecting it.

So what do I do?  Start another blog.  This one isn't so public as just available at work.  Sprint has a sort of employee blog where people can post about life our work our whatever. Some post about gaming, some get into work issues, and I decided to start posting on weight loss stuff.  But theres a bit of a slant as I want to focus on how the very technology we are providing can make an impact.

I will say that from a business and marketing sense I've been really impressed with the direction sprint is taking.  More than just focusing on the "we have the best 4g debates they've built some great relationships that focus on using the technology beyond gadgets and phones.

One example is the Bodymedia armband.  They have another relationship with a medical monitoring company that uses wireless technology to keep doctors up to date on a patients progress.  It's pretty impressive stuff.

On tp of all that are the applications available that can really make a difference.  It's stuff like this I want to focus on.  I'm hoping to be able to integrate some of the posts into here as there are some pretty cool things out there, some I just recently learned about through comments made on the two posts I've made. And it would be pretty c ool if I could do  that without having to post in two coherent places eh?

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