Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Ultimate Training Food

I’ve always considered training to be a purely physical thing.  I think I always brushed off the nutritional aspects.  Which probably also explains some of how I got to be 300 plus pounds.  But it’s the little things I never really payed much attention to in the past, even when I trained for a 5K before.  Things like the value of a good recovery meal or drink after a good workout, things like how certain carbs at the right times really make a difference in your energy levels.
In particular, here are some interesting tidbits I’ve learned.
One, chocolate milk is said by many to be an ideal recovery drink.  It has the right mix of carbs and protein to help the muscles replenish after a workout.
Mmmmmm….   Chocolate!
Two, peanut butter is great as well.  A lot of distance runs will have PBJ sandwiches out along the course for energy, sometimes a bagel with peanut butter on it can be a great breakfast for right before a run or workout.
Mmmmmmm…  Peanut Butter!
Anybody see where I’m going with this?

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