Saturday, June 15, 2013

Still Kicking

And it's still a long slow battle.  Still in the 330's, it's not like the weight is just dying to come off.  And yet I remain encouraged.  One, it's summer and two, I'm more active, and three, it still feels like progress.

I ran the Bolder Boulder 10K again.  Okay, I think I"m hooked, that's just a fun race.  I get into it I guess when you get to these parts where people are lined up to give you high 5's, honestly I'm amazed at how many people line the streets to watch you run in.

And of course, at all these races they have photographers who take your picture at different spots and then offer the pics for sale.  Which I never buy.  Except this time...  I just really liked this one.  Maybe because they got me at a good angle and I look thinner than I really am, but...  I just liked it.

And, I shaved about 15 minutes off last year's time.  Which really isn't that much of an accomlishment since I completely walked the whole thing last year.  This year was better, I did splits of running 2 minutes, walking 2 minutes.  But the good things is I was able to maintain that.  I'm thinking that'll be an annual tradition for me.

I know,it's been months again since posting.  I get so bad at this.  I might be posting more frequently though. I gave up on trying to promise that some time back because I know myself.  But, I have new purpose now.  This is about to become my training journal.

I'm going for a half marathon.  

It's called the Bear Chase.  I start training this week.  I'm sure I'll look atl this over time as one of those major "what was I thinking!" kind of moments.  Quite sure.  I'm thinking that now come to think of it.  And there's a story to it, which I'll get to soon enough.  As for now, I just got back from a run, have somewhere to be soon, and...  well, I need to shower.  

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