Monday, March 28, 2011

Couch 2 5k training update

Today was the start of week 5 in the training routine for the May 1 Cherry Creek Sneak 5k run.

I am quite happy to proclaim I am still alive and breathing. 

Week 5 starts out with a 5 minute warmup walk then has three splits of 5 minute runs separated by 3 minute walks with a cooldown 5 minute walk.  This routine will be repeated Wednesday and then Friday it jumps right into a straight 20 minute jog.  Yikes!

So far actually it's not been too bad.  Keep in mind you're reading from a guy who not all that long ago could not get himself to run through a heavy downpour to his car parked 50 feet from the store entrance but would have to simply walk and get that much more drenched.  So it's pretty exciting to be able to say I could run these 1/3 mile splits and to actually feel like I could keep going.  I can actually run around the "lake"at the park near my home.  I never used to think I'd see that day.

Friday of course is a different challenge.  20 minutes straight...  Good thing is that's not quite as intimidating as five minutes once seemed.  Even still, that's more than a mile of straight running (well, shuffle jogging anyway).  That's still intimidating.

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