Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Walking and such

It is interesting how perspectives change. And they don't seem to stop changing.

One of the best things for me from an exercise standpoint has been the commute to work. I take the bus to the light rail, ride that in, then there is a shuttle that I can take the last mile into work. When I get off work the shuttle is already done for the night, so that means a walk to the light rail. This is where in the past it's been a bit inconvenient because the timing of when the light rail arrives is about 5 minutes after my bus leaves, and the next bus does not come by for nearly two hours.

As time has gone on, I've tended to bypass the shuttle into work and have chosen to walk, at least when time has permitted. I've rather frequently turned down offers for a ride into the light rail after work. And then I've gotten to where instead of waiting for the bus for so long, I'd much rather walk home from the light rail station, slightly more than 3 miles.

And being lighter, I find myself more interested in walking now than before. I find myself now not so bothered by the bus schedule and somewhat glad for it. I find myself enjoying the walk, and walking is so much easier. There are times I think, I could so easily bust out into a jog. To a certain extent I'm having to really hold back on that as i'm liking not having my knees hurt and after my last episode of trying jogging, i messed up my knee enough that I think I still need to lose a lot more before trying again. Yes, i'm 40-60 pounds lighter than last time I tried, but...

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