Monday, November 22, 2010

Another month, another10

This morning's weigh in: 321. That's 72 total or 42 since the surgery in 8 weeks. I have before and during pictures that I'll have to post soon.

I had my first 'fill' a week ago. Basically the way that works is they put the band around your stomach, and due to all the rustling around and such that creates swelling which tightens around the top of the stomach thus creating a small space where food gathers. As swelling goes down, it's almost like things are back to nomal. The band is adjustable though, meaning they can inject saline solution into the band and that adjusts whatever pouch there is. since then there's been a noticable difference in what I can eat, which is a good thing.

Ihave to run in a bit, but one closing comment. The other day I was out walking and had my backpack with my laptop and some books, and thinking about how heavy that thing was. Then it dawned on me, not that long ago I was carrying a lot more extra weight. I can definitely feel the difference, and it feels good. No regrets so far!

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