Friday, July 2, 2010

A slight delay

Ladies and gentlemen, there will be a slight delay in the undergoing of the lapband procedure.

Maybe that should be lady and gentleman. Or just lady? Or just gentleman? Or is even that overly optimistic?

Anyway, back to that delay thing.

Okay, so here's the story on the delay. Albeit the delay part on the surgery is a bummer, it's also a story of good news here and there, so all in all it's good stuff.

The good news is I start a new job next week. I've talked in bits and pieces about my business in the past, and there are times it's really great. But... there are times it's really slow and that can make things really tough on the budget. The funny thing is how it came about, as I was just doing a search for a service center for Sprint phones when one of the results was something about applying for work at their offices in Denver. I had no idea they had any offices in Denver other than their retail stores and such. So it was pretty much on a whim I applied, and before I knew it I had an interview, and then a job offer. So I'm pretty psyched about that.

It's an interesting thing when you look at jobs. There's a stubbornness on my side about the business because I want so badly to make it work. I also know that I can make a lot more doing my business than what I'd be making at this job. That is of course if it's all going well and I'm busy all the time. But the truth is there's a lot of down time and so it's pretty much feast or famine. And quite honestly, the feast portion isn't a real smorgasborg, you know?

And then there's the part that is the great equalizer: Benefits. Bennies.

And the whole health insurance piece really comes in to play when you're considering a surgery such as I am.

Anyway, added to this is another piece of good news. My wife has the opportunity in her career to move into something that would focus on the parts of her career that she's the most passionate about, which is great news, so she too is transitioning into a new position.

And of course, hence comes the delay. With two of us moving into new jobs we have to take a look at what insurance works the best. The good news is my insurance would kick in by early August, hers not much later, so of course we pay to extend the current insurance we are on.

From a surgery standpoint the best thing would be to try to get the surgery scheduled as quickly as possible, as we've met all our deductibles for the year (easy to do with a family our size) so there would be NO out of pocket cost on this going forward. The problem is that my new job requires me to be in 100% attendance for the first couple months during training. So taking time off for a procedure won't work there.

So, right now I'm thinking maybe September or so. But we shall see. We're still waiting to see what kind of coverage we can expect on either of our insurance policies - of course the big question being will either one cover bariatric surgery? And how much of it? So it's going to be an interesting road ahead trying to weigh all of that.

But, given the choice of doing the surgery now and not starting the new job? I'm taking the job, especially in this economy.

And then on top of that is one other tidbit of change for me, part of what helped me finally let go of the business as well. After a lot of soul searching and really trying to determine just what it is I feel the best about doing, I'm finding that the whole people serving thing is what really brings the most joy to me. It's the part I love the most about what I currently do. I don't know if I ever mentioned this in the past in this blog, but my whole work career started out in the ministry, having graduated from Bible College. There was a point I burned out, but I find myself ready to consider going back in. So starting in August I also begin part time pursuing my Masters at Denver Seminary.

Gee, any other changes I can lump into my life? A lot of changes.... and they're all pretty exciting.

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