Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching up, again

So I get into this pattern. I post something once a month. When I post it I apologize for how long it's been since I posted. And then I'm sure I'll get better. But... truth is it's pretty much the same stuff. So for now I'll just say I'll post again when I post again.

Not that that really makes a lot of difference -- I mean I'm all apologetic about taking so long to post but really, who am I apologizing to? I've posted so little lately that I doubt anyone's reading this at all, if they ever did, so.... if a tree falls in the forest but there's no one there for it to apologize to.....

So anyway, I have to give thanks to my old college friend Lance, who told me about It's an online radio station playing Christian music, but it's different cuz it's the OLD stuff. Stonehill, Norman, 2nd Chapter of Acts, DeGarmo & Key, Sweet Comfort Band... talk about memory lane! All the stuff that my friends and I used to play back in college.

And if I may be so honest... most of this stuff wasn't really all that great. But I think I figured that out long ago, but the truth is, I'm loving listening to all this stuff.

Okay, so going back to my D-word post of a little while back (though only a couple posts back)... my doctor has made it official and given me the D-word diagnosis. She's not prescribing any medicine yet or anything, it's a a level that she thinks it can be controlled by diet and exercise.

I've done alright lately. Not great, but not bad either, other than the occaisional trip to get the 2 cherry pies for a buck at McDonalds. I haven't gotten back into a regular walk regimen or a regular bike ride, but i'm doing one or the other frequently enough to be doing okay. My knee is definitely feeling much better, though it still stiffens. My most recent weigh in was at 365, so there's some slight progress -- about 8 pounds in about 2 months time or so.

It's an interesting thing to come to discover you're not as healthy as you thought you were. I think I've talked about this, but I think for so long I felt like okay I was a few pounds heavier but otherwise healthy. And while yeah, I could be a lot worse off... it does make a guy think.

And oh, while I said some of that old stuff wasn't all that great, there were some REALLY good songs from the day. They're playing an old Kerry Livgren song..... forgot how good it was!

So anyway, in light of everything... I guess at this point I'll just say it will be interesting to see how I respond eh? I mean I find myself ready to say okay, I'm all inspired, I've got my wake up call and I'm gonna be awesome from here on out... but sometimes I think that's a lot like how I am with posting on this blog -- it's easy to have good intentions. But right now I think it's better to just let it be what it will be and see how it goes.

I pray though that all this actually does make a difference.

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