Monday, September 7, 2009

Catching Up

So here I get to Labor Day, and pretty much from Memorial Day to Labor Day I've been holding pretty steady, maybe gaining slightly, definitely not losing any more. I know what my biggest problem is -- junk food. If I'd stick to the basic meals I'd probably do okay.

The house is definitely feeling empty today. My wife's ex-husband's father passed away, so she's off to Iowa with her kids for the funeral. Kinda weird making meals for only the 5 of us. But it's a good day to get a lot of stuff done around the house, patching some nail holes and painting over them in the bathroom, cleaning up some rooms, rearranging the garage. I figure it'd be nice to have some things done up around the house for her to come back to.

The teaching thing didn't come through. It's kind of a bummer, but I know it all worked out really well for the school. It turned out the position that the guy who left to take wasn't what they made it out to be, so they hired him back to his old position. It's a good thing overall as I know they really liked him, and I think he realized how much he loved what he's doing, so for both sides it's a good conclusion. For me, I guess it's mixed feelings. I found myself looking forward to the prospects, and yet somehow I end up knowing that it's better this way? It does leave me wondering what to do next, as so far my business isn't taking off like I'd hoped and I do need to be bringing in some income. Maybe I'll drive a cab part time eh?

I am getting more opportunity for exercise, that's a good thing. Maybe I should say taking more opportunity, it's not been a matter of whether the opportunity has come along. I find that what helps is getting the application back on my phone (phone had to be replaced) that tracks the walks with GPS and it seems to add some incentive to get out more. The other thing that kind of helps (though it hurts in some ways) is that my daughter's school choir is doing a tour to St. Louis over Spring, so for fundraising they man a concession stand at the Bronco's games, and I've worked a couple of those. You definitely get your work in there, and that's the good part. At the same time, 7 straight hours on your feet takes its toll and it's a lot harder to get out the next day, so that's the one drawback.

Not much more to report, other than it's football season again! Woohoo!!

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